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I was beyond excited when I found out a new boutique hotel would be opening in Brussels during my trip last November. Two other things had me jumping out of my seat when Zoom Hotel agreed to host me for the night: 1) they have a photography theme, and 2) it was opened by the same crew that owns the fab design Vintage Hotel, which has won accolades from both the press and the design world.

From the moment I approached the building’s unassuming, classic façade, I had an irresistible urge to photograph everything in sight (the theme will do that to you). I wasn’t alone. In fact, while I was having a beer at the hotel bar, the Beer House, that evening, I was next to a table of trendy twenty-somethings with cameras bigger than their heads, taking photos of each other, the walls, the ceilings, and their quickly emptying beer glasses.

zoom 7

Since I went a little shutter-happy myself during my brief stay–when in Rome–here’s a little glimpse of one of Brussels’ hottest new boutique hotels.

Even the goldfish at the check-in counter had cameras.

zoom 8



zoom 2

The hotel seems to link two small buildings and there was some Fawlty Towers-style maneuvering, going up four stairs, then down two, then back up three, to get to my room. This could be difficult with heavy luggage or toddlers–but worth the trek. The room was large, bright, with a clean design that invited, you guessed it, more pictures!


zoom 3


Location: I was very familiar with the neighborhood. The Zoom Hotel is just a few blocks from the smart Avenue Louise, if you like upscale shopping. Around the corner is a small Exki, a Belgian chain restaurant serving fresh, organic, seasonal food at very reasonable prices. The Louise metro is a few blocks away, you can walk to the Grand Place in about half an hour, or take the Ascenseur des Marolles, the glasse elevator that will take you down to the Marolles, where you can browse at antiques and home design shops.

zoom 4

A huge thank you to the Zoom Hotel for hosting me during my stay in Brussels!


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